Opportunities that warrant us to adapt and develop new systems that promote skills development, disseminate accurate information and establish flexible and diverse sources of entertainment. Sense of Cents is an entertaining and informative social and business discourse platform that promotes independent, authentic and well researched content.

Sense Of Cents

Herman Hesse once said that ‘chaos demands to be recognized and experienced before letting itself be converted into a new order’. The world has been rattled and chaos is significantly changing social, economic and environmental trends that have supported our existence. However, amidst chaos there are opportunities.

This Space will

Indulge your mind and thoughts

through the eyes of Miss Kamuu Nyingi

A professional accountant, writer and futurist who possesses a strong desire to understand, simplify and share the interlinkages of various phenomenon and concepts surrounding our lives. 

We hope that information shared in this platform will enrich, entertain and emit positive and solution-oriented vibes. From Nyingi to the world, there is plenty to come!